Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set-up my hosted dialer?

It takes less than 24 hours! Just give us your calling list, DNC SAN Number, and install your USB headset and software, and our dialer technicians will get you going the same day you order in most cases.

Is there a set-up fee or long term commitment?
There are NO set-up fees, NO cancellation fees, and NO long term commitment. Most companies charge thousands of dollars to set-up your dialer and then make you sign a long term contract. At Augu-Tech, you can pay as you go. Just pay the 1st month's charge for your amount of agents and pre-pay for as many or as little minutes as you want.

What are the minimum requirements for my computer?

* PC, Mac & Linux Friendly
* At least 1Ghz of processor power
* 256mb of RAM
* USB Headset w/ mic
*Firefox Browser (Will not work correctly with Internet Explorer)**
*Xlite Soft phone (For computer call execution)**
* High Speed Internet with a minimum of 100kbs download and upload
   (Click Here to test your internet speed)

**(Note: You can download Firefox and Xlite for FREE by clicking Here)

How fast does the dialer dial?
On average it dials 1,000 numbers in a 4 hour period. The dialer dials predictively based complex algorithms developed for single users and large call centers alike. The number lines dialing at once depends on how many leads are loaded into your dialer, the time you are calling, how many disconnects and no answers detected, and many other factors. Therefore your dialer is always recalculating the number of lines to dial on to increase your contact-to-call ratio while staying compliant with FTC abandonment rate regulation.

Do you scrub my leads against the National Do Not Call list?
Yes, in fact we will use your SAN number to scrub the list. By law, anyone who solicits a consumer over the phone must have a SAN number registered with the DNC. You can register for one at no cost by clicking the link below:

Can you display my company's number on the Caller ID?
Yes, we can display any valid number you would like and encourage our customers to do so. If you are calling locally this is a great way to increase your contact-to-call ratio.

Can I call anywhere in the world?
Just about! You can dial anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and most European and Asian Countries at the same low rate.

How many people can dial at one time?
This solution can accommodate from a single agent working from home, all the way up to a 1,000+ agent call center. You can also rotate agents on any one station as long as they use the dialer at different times.

How many hours per day and how often can I use the dialer?
You can use the dialer as often as you like, anytime you like. The only restriction placed on the dialer is that you may not dial between 9pm - 9am local time per FTC regulation.

What type of calling list do I need for the dialer?
All calling lists must be provided in CSV format.  Our tech support team will guide you through this process.

How many computers (PC or Mac) can I install the dialer on?
As many as you like, but remember you can only have one agent logged into a station at a time.

Does the dialer only connect me with live people?
95% of the time, yes. The voice recognition software detects a live person and then connects the call directly through your computer. You will sometimes get answering machines and hang-ups which is normal with any voice recognition software.

Can I transfer a phone call to another number?

Can I make a manual call with this dialer?

What type of USB Headset do I need?
Any type of USB headset will work. Just make sure it has a a built-in microphone
as well.

Can I download the VICIDIAL Software and install it myself?
Absolutely! VICIDIAL software is not sold on a per-server or per-seat basis, it is available free of cost under the terms of the GPLv2 license.  The pricing shown on this site is for the cost of installation, programming, and system integration of the VICIDIAL Software, SugarCRM Software, Asterisk PBX, and NMI/Authorized.Net payment gateway onto suitable server hardware.  If you would like to download the Vicidial Software free of charge, Click Here.  (Considerable knowledge of Linux CentOS operating system, Asterisk PBX, and other associated systems is highly recommended.)