Dear Prospective Buyer:

Because we value your time and intelligence, we at AUGUTECH will only supply you with what makes good business sense for your organization. There are several other companies out there who market a few features about their dialer, but most of the time you are left with having to pay extra fees for licensing, upgrades, maintenance, or whatever else their gimmicks are. That being said, we have developed a proprietary blend of software that is specifically programmed to meet the needs of the following industries:

- Sales (All types)
- Appointment Setting
- Collection Agencies
- Inbound Call Centers
- Outbound Message Blasting
- Political Campaigns
- Surveys
- Home Improvement
- Etc.

If your agents are still dialing by hand, if you are stuck paying a per agent (or “per seat”) monthly fee to a hosted dialer company, if you would like to improve your sales productivity by more than 400%, then look no further than AUGUTECH. We don’t play the games of “bait and switch” where you get a basic dialer platform and have to pay for additional seats or support for day to day dialer operations.

We offer a 120 Line 4-in-1 dialer solution that includes:

- Predictive Dialer (up to 8:1 dial ratio per agent)
- Auto-Dialer for message blast campaigns or Press 1 campaigns for B2B
- Integrated VOIP PBX Phone system (add extensions w/ inbound Auto-Attendant)
- Integrated SugarCRM (Call Contact system shows notes for prior conversations)
- Integrated Payment Gateway (customer keys in their CC # from their phone)
- Multiple Campaigns can run at the same time with separate user groups
- Remote agent login from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
- Call Recording, Call Listen-In Monitoring, Full report on campaigns, agents, etc.
- Works on SIP (VOIP) Technology - No T1’s or phone lines needed!
- Works with IP phones or just a computer and headset
- Very easy to setup and use – Start dialing the same day you receive it!
- Load your leads in .csv format (Excel)

If you have a Sales, Lead Generation, or Appointment Setting team and you would like to close more business in an efficient and cost-effective manner, then call us today at (888) 495-1370.

We greatly value your business and your consideration.

Humbly Yours,